About the Museum

The Museum of Funny Ladies, A Museumette is excerpt from The Museum of Funny Ladies,  museum design plan created by Angela Perrone during her time at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. The museum as a whole takes the visitor on a journey through the history of female comedians from Vaudeville to present-day by immersing them in moments of history that highlight the accomplishments, struggles, individual stories and bits of these funny women.

The Museumette is a stand-alone installation and acts as a proof-of-concept for this larger museum design. The goal for the future is to get the full museum on its feet to entertain and educate the world about funny ladies past and present.

Here is a peek at the larger museum concept plan.

About the Designer


Angela Perrone is an Experience Designer and Creative Technologist with a background in interactive technology, comedy, writing, and Japanese.  Her work focuses on developing experiences that bridge the physical and digital worlds. She specializes in creating immersive environments and bringing objects to life by utilizing skills in design, physical computing, projection mapping, fabrication and rapid prototyping.

As a comedian, the story of women comedy is one very close to her heart. These lady pioneers paved this path for women to be able to perform on stage and screen and to work behind the scenes. Through the Museum of Funny Ladies, Angela aims to shed light on the greater history of women in comedy, shatter the age-old stereotype that “women aren’t funny,” and perhaps add to this path of progress that these women comedy pioneers started down so many decades ago that have allowed more women to do their funny thing.

In her free time she creates elaborate photo shoots of her poodles dressed as anything from celebrities (Amy Winehouse, Abe Lincoln, Mouseketeers) to ordinary people (fishermen, fire fighters, ring masters). Through her work she seeks to educate, entertain and improve the world one laugh and one experience at a time.

To see more of Angela’s work please visit http://www.angelaperrone.com.